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No Repairs. No Renovations. No Cleaning. You can leave your unwanted possessions behind. Make a non-obligation cash offer and receive no commissions or fees. Your offer will be the CASH that you will receive at the end of the closing. We Buy Houses DC with 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Del Aria Investments

Our company buys houses for cash.

We All Win, Or Nobody Wins!

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If You Need A Cash Offer, And Want To Close In As Little As 7-Days, We Can Help!

It is heartbreaking to realize that a lot of companies and investors, who should be focused upon working together with families, to resolve their problems, are more concerned with exploiting the pain, frustration or suffering. WE ARE NOT THOSE PEOPLE. PLEASE DO NOT JUDGE US AS THEM.

We Even Have A Turn-Key Partner Program
Ask Us About It.

We Buy Houses in DC

Simple as 1, 2, 3

Step 1

Tell us the condition of the property.

Step 2

We'll be touring the property with you

Step 3

We offer you a CASH deal
We Buy Houses Fairfax Va

This Isn't Just A Transaction To Us, It's A Long-Lasting Relationship!

As the proprietor of the construction business along with my wife Jenny we decided to establish Del Aria Investments because we are enthusiastic about real estate and helping sellers find solutions for selling their homes in DC. We’ve assisted more than 400 homeowners throughout the DMV region.

Since 2004, we’ve dealt with several complex issues and learned that each situation regarding real estate is different. We are here to help you find the best solution for homeowners. If you’re looking for help, contact us. Your property in DC which is in need of significant rehab, an inherited property or a pre-foreclosure home, a property that was foreclosed on, a tax-delinquent property, or any other property you no longer wish to possess. We will find the right option for your needs.

As a husband and wife duo we’ve been in the industry since 2000. We have two gorgeous daughters whom we named the company after. Working in real-estate gives us the opportunity to spend time with our family while helping other families.

Whatever your specific situation whatever it is, we’re ready for the new challenge.

We own our own construction company so, our price is more expensive than those of our competitors.


Consider all the things you’ll need to do before you start your list:

  • De-cluttering
  • Painting
  • Repairing or repairing all the small issues
  • Modernizing outdated bathrooms, kitchens and flooring.
  • Staging
  • Making it a good price to receive deals

Put it on the market, present it to prospective buyers according to their schedule, then wait for an offer, then negotiate the offer, and then hope that it is inspected and won’t fall through. If it fails then you have to start all over again!

Why bother with all of that when Del Aria Investments can buy the house in DC as-is and you don’t have to do anything! Move your personal belongings out.

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Helping Renew our Neighborhoods
The core of our values is the desire to assist in the revitalization of our communities and to ensure affordable housing for the next generation.

Upfront and Transparent
As part of our ethical policy, home owners in DC can ask for a breakdown of how we came to the price of purchase. We will review every detail on the purchase contract as well as any other documents before you sign it. We’ll gladly share our plans to lease, resell, transfer, or demolish and reconstruct the property once we purchase the property. We will also give you honest advice and opinions, regardless of whether you end in selling the property in DC to us or not

Who We Can Help:


Do you want to market your house quickly to cash?

Take a look at our services if you are looking to sell your house in DC quickly for cash. We are aware that selling a house in DC is not an easy job. It could take months up to years. This is why we've created a process that is effortless and hassle-free. Contact us today to receive a cash price. After you have completed the easy 3-step procedure outlined above before accepting the cash offer, you can have the money paid to your bank account in less than 7 days.


Certain Homes Won't Get Financing

If your home in DC requires major repairs, buyers may have a hard time getting financing on it. Banks won't lend money to buy a home that requires significant repairs, or renovations. In this situation, only cash offers are able to help you.


Properties that are vacant "as is" properties

We purchase homes in DC that are vacant in any state. It's not a problem to worry about expensive repair or maintenance. Let us tour it and offer you a deal.


Financially Distressed Properties

If you're not making mortgage payments, are facing foreclosure or pre-foreclosure or are paying property taxes, we'll not shy away from purchasing your home in DC. Our team of experts can help you out of a financial distress so that you can sell it to us. There will be no additional financial burdens after we purchase the item for cash.


Personal Financial Hardships

The rising cost of living in District of Colombia has driven many families to the limit. If you're having budgeting issues and want to sell your house located in DC to pay the bills and relieve yourself of debt, we'll help make the process simple and easy. We'll buy your home in a short time and offer you the best price we can give you.


Personal Crisis / Family Death

Sometimes when you least expect for it to happen, a private crisis like a divorce, change of employment, or death occurs and you're looking for some way to market your home in DC in order to receive the cash out. We handle all legal, as well as financial issues for you. If you're in need of a convincing sale quickly, we are able to help.


Giving the best offer to our customers

Are you wondering why we make homeowners the highest possible price when buying a home in cash? It’s simple. We want everyone to benefit from the transaction. It should work for both parties, otherwise it’s not a bargain. There’s a house in DC you want to sell, and we have the money to buy it. If we don’t offer you an affordable offer, agree that it is possible that you will not sell to us, and that’s not good and for the company. We’re operating in the field of buying homes, fixing them and reselling the properties. Giving you a fair competitive deal is a win on both sides.


WE Del Aria Investments, will continue to operate, we will not do this by offering low-priced offers instead, we will give you the most we possibly can.

We Even Have A Turn-Key Partner Program
Learn more about it here.


You Can Message or Email us at offers@delariainvestments.com

Yes, we will close the deal in cash. If you accept our cash-only offer and we wire the funds to the account you have designated or issue a banker’s check once we have closed the agreement. We do not provide actual cash to protect your security and legal rights. However, you will receive the amount you agreed to.

Yes, we purchase homes in DC in cash, no matter their present situation. We’re in a unique situation as a construction company that allows us to bring our costs significantly lower. We are aware that many sellers are unable to sell their homes in DC because they’re not in perfect state. If your home is one of these do not worry as we’re here to help. We will purchase your property as it is and provide you with the most competitive cash deal.

You determine the timeframe for the date you’d like to close. We don’t rush our clients. If you accept our cash-only offer, we give you plenty of time to get rid of any personal belongings and move in the event that you are still living there. The majority of properties take between 15 and 30 days to be completed, however we can close as quickly when the title is cleared, approximately 7 days.

The reason you should select us is because we are committed to keeping your best interests at heart. We understand that if you win we also win, and in the event that you lose, we also lose. If you conduct the research yourself, you’ll discover that the price that we offer to sellers is higher than what our competitors are offering in DC. In addition to offering the most competitive price and speedy closing, we also offer fast cash.

We buy all types of properties that are distressed, such as estate or probate properties, homes that have title or lien issues and properties that require a number of repairs or condemnation, and many more. Our goal is to purchase houses for cash.

Yes, we would prefer to own a home that requires some love because we’re in the business of fixing it up. There aren’t any repairs to be made. Our task is to see past the problems and concentrate on the property’s potential.

Selling your home is as simple as 1, 2, and 3.
1. Call us and inform us about the condition of the property.
2. We will have a team member visit the property.
3. We’ll make a cash deal to buy the house.
If we are able to agree to the terms and conditions, as well as a closing date, you will receive your cash.

We Even Have A Turn-Key Partner Program
Ask Us About It.

Simple as 1, 2, 3

Step 1

Let us know the condition of the property.

Step 2

We will tour the property with you.

Step 3

We offer you an CASH deal

Our aim is to purchase your property in DC to ensure a win-win result. You're looking to sell a property that you do not want or require and we'd like to purchase it, make improvements to it, and then sell it to a new buyer. Our primary goal is to offer you the most competitive cash price to convince you to accept our offer.



Fill out your form here on the page.


We'll schedule an appointment time/date to visit the property, and then make you an offer.


If our deal works for you, you choose the day to close the property. There are no grueling setbacks, no hassles, and no commissions you have to settle.


  • A cash offer in less than 24 hours after having a visit to your home in DC.
  • No commissions, no fees No repairs, no fixes, and there is no obligation.
  • 100% transparent offer and we’ll be able to explain everything to you.
  • Stress-Free.Simply take out your personal belongings.
  • No fine print, no confusion, no headaches.
  • Finish your task on time without backslides.

We All Win, Or Nobody Wins!

Get Started On Your Cash Offer Today!
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1 - Complete the form on this page.

Requesting a Cash Offer Does Not Obligate You In Any Way.
* Your information will stay confidential with us. We won't sell it or spam you.

Step 2 - Schedule a time for our team to tour to assess the home's condition.

Step 3 - Accept our cash offer and move on.

We have a track experience of helping homeowners get out of ANY and EVERY circumstance! We will take care of your issues and provide you with the CASH you require! Everyone WINS!

Get Started On Your Cash Offer Today!

Requesting a Cash Offer Does Not Obligate You In Any Way.