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Direct Cash Offers vs Listing a House with a Local Agent

Even if you live in a seller’s market right now, it’s a good idea to review all your sales options when you put a house on the market. What opportunities are available that can help you reach your current and future goals?

Direct Cash Offers vs Listing a House with a Local Agent

Although a local real estate agent can often achieve a higher sales price by creating a listing and doing the legwork, that option doesn’t always put more money in your pocket. It might even give you less!

You also have the headache of having open houses, staging rooms, and constantly cleaning your home because you don’t know when a buyer might want to see it.

Here’s a closer look at what you can expect when comparing direct cash offers with the sales experience received when working with a professional local agent.

Direct Cash Offers vs Listing a House with a Local Agent

 Direct Cash Offer ExperienceSelling a House with an Agent
Commissions and FeesNo commissions or fees are associated with an all-cash offer.Up to 6% of the sales price; typically paid by the seller
Closing CostsWe usually pay the closing costs with an all-cash offer.The seller is often responsible for paying the 2% closing costs.
Inspections and FinancingThese items aren’t needed when making an all-cash offer.It is possible for a sale to fall through if contingencies aren’t met.
AppraisalsNo appraisal is needed with a cash offer.The sale of a house is typically dependent upon an appraisal that meets or exceeds the expected mortgage.
Days Until SoldA direct cash offer creates an immediate transaction, with the closing date in as little as 5 days.Depending on the market, a house can be for sale for a day or a year before it receives an offer.
Number of ShowingsYou only need to show us the property when agreeing to our all-cash offer.You keep showing the property until finding a buyer.
Closing DateIn can be in as little as 5 days in most transactions. You can choose the date.Up to 60 days after accepting the buyer’s offer, and sometimes even more.
Repair CostsWe pay for whatever repairs are necessary.The cost is negotiated during the inspection period.

Cash Offers for House Selling with Local Real Estate Broker

What Numbers Work Best for You?

When you start looking at the details of a direct cash offer, you can see the benefits that come your way when selling a house.

Our team won’t be providing a full retail value offer for your property. We’re upfront about that fact from the start because the houses are often delivered in an as-is condition.

What we can provide are some additional benefits that a traditional sale with an agent doesn’t offer.

You Receive Cash in Hand in One Week or Less

We help you avoid paying one, two, or even three additional utility payments, property taxes, insurance costs, mortgage payments, and all the other expenses associated with homeownership. How much could you save by avoiding an extended waiting period to reach your closing date?

We Make the House Repairs

You don’t need to worry about cleaning your house again when accepting our cash offer. Those repair costs or tasks you’ve been putting off become our responsibility. You might think your home is dirty and disorganized, but trust us – we’ve seen worse.

We love fixer-uppers. Our goal is to put money in your pocket while we earn a profit on our side. In return, your house will be made ready for a new owner after.

Eliminate the Closing Fees

The typical closing fee is 2% of the transaction. You don’t need to worry about paying that expense. That’s another fee you don’t need to worry about when selling.

Let’s not forget about the 6% agent commission that comes out of the transaction. That means you’ll save $8,000 for every $100,000 in value offered. That amount adds up pretty quickly!

Is this option the best choice for your needs?

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